Wynter Jones

Hey there, I am Wynter Jones and I write code.

Wynter Jones's Bio:

Wynter Jones is head developer at MonetizeDesign.


He is in charge of product implentation and services such as Wordpress plugins, Private Label services and other web deveopment projects. Wynter has launched numerous products and services with twin brother Dylan Jones.


Stay informed at Wynter Jones blog. Where Wynter talks about all kinds of topics related to Internet Marketing - freebies like tutorials on how to create your own landing pages, CSS3 buttons, tips and tricks that he has learned along the way.


Partnering with some high-level internet marketers to increase conversion of sales page, product and sales funnel. Would love to name-names but in interest of privacy they cannot be named! Wynter Jones loves privacy for himself and his customers. :)

Wynter Jones's Experience:

Wynter Jones's Interests & Activities:

One a personal note - Wynter absolutely loves: Marketing. That could be absolutely anything from small posters in local town or online. Utilizing tools such as Wordpress and PHP to create internet marketing products that help people market their products and services online. That could be anything from a blog theme, to highly targeted landing pages, email optin forms to increase mailing list. Basically anything to get more leads or sales.